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Registration in our e-shop is not mandatory, all personal information provided during registration are safe in terms of statutory legislation. In case you do not want to benefit from registering, you can buy in our e-shop as an unregistered user.

 Registration benefits:

  • Registration discount
    Every registered customer is provided with registration discount.
  • Display of prices without VAT
    After your VAT ID number verification the prices will be displayed without VAT.
  • Time saving
    Contact and billing information provided during registration are filled in automatically for each order. 
  • Track and trace
    As a registered user you can monitor the status and the process of handling your order.
  • Shopping history
    Overview of your orders and paid invoices is available in section Login via links Orders list and Invoices list
  • Account administration
    As a registered user you can check and change your contact and billing information in section Login via Manage your account.
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